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Hi. My name is J.L. Sorensen and I'm a . . . oops, this isn't the place for that.

What can I say about myself? (Other than I don't care for having my picture taken.) Well, I started writing as therapy, during a very rough period of my life. It quickly blossomed into a calling. And here I am a decade later, still plugging along and trying to get my foot in the door.

What do I hope to accomplish through my writing? Well, I'd like to change the world (on most days, for the better), and even though I know how unlikely that is, I still have to try. But beyond all that, I want to entertain (and if I can make Stephen King money while doing that, all the better).

My writing is fairly varied. I have a bunch of short stories and trunk novels (you know, garbage not good enough to publish, i.e., practice) that range from Mainstream to Psychological Thriller to Horror to Neo-Victorian. I've dabbled in Fantasy, and even touched on satire. Although, if hard pressed, I'd say my bread and butter is soft Sci-fi (as in, more focused on the relationships between people and their world/governments than on the actual technology itself--think "Dune" by Frank Herbert).

If you like Dean Koontz, Stephen King, Chuck Palahniuk, or Frank Herbert, then I might just be up your alley.

I'm presently unpublished, however I came close back in 2019 when I won a contest. Sadly, the company went bankrupt before publishing the anthology book my story was to be featured in. Then that whole pesky plague hit and really gummed up the works for everyone. In either event, over the years I've gotten a mess of form-letter rejection slips, but also a handful of personalized ones (which means I'm on the right track). Like anyone in a similar situation, all I can do is keep trying and hope people enjoy what I'm doing.

J.L. Sorensen

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