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J.L. Sorensen

Author of numerous unpublished short stories, novels, and poems.


If you enjoy the works of C.S. Friedman, Dean Koontz, Dan Simmons, or Stephen King, you'll likely enjoy what I've got to offer.

J.L. Sorensen

“The best writer since that guy living beneath the underpass scrawled that disturbing manifesto on the side of the public library in (probably) human blood.”

Fake Reviewer #1


“Words do not begin to describe what J.L. Sorensen is capable of. For that, you'd need a box of crayons and a very drunk toddler.”

That Guy Living Beneath The Underpass

“The sheer amount of talent in J.L. Sorensen's writing boarders on scary. I wasn't aware anyone could be that talentless before reading his work.”

Mean Madeup Magazine

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